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Hope for our Happy Tomorrow, Raonhaje

From Sep.24 to Sep.27, the school festival called Raonhaje was held. During the school festival, there were so many people from different region, schools and also CWNU students. People enjoyed the events in the booth, and momentarily forgot about the hard things of life.
Actually, as a freshman, this festival was the first university festival for me. Before I experienced the university festival, Raonhaje, I regarded university festivals as just a negative thing, because of the alcohol and entertainment culture that do not exist in high school festivals. And there have been many accidents like drunk driving in the different festivals before. However, there was something that changed in my mind after enjoying Raonhaje.
The name of the first day was "Deviation", meaning to depart from our routine lives. Thanks to that theme, students could empty their worries about studying and resolve stresses in their minds. The happy atmosphere created by the students made other people smile and become excited. The light of youth lasted brilliantly until dawn.
However, like my earlier worry, there were also negative behaviors behind the happy scenes. When the invited singers arrived, people broke the performance rules easily. They didn't consider other people and fought each other to get close to the singers. It was so threatening to people in the front seats. And some people ignored the rules, like not riding a car in the streets of clubs. It could have been very dangerous if there weren't any deterrents.
I hope these drawbacks can be resolved by students. Instead of school regulations, students’ own self-improvement can achieve better results. By following the rules broadly in a free and easy manner, the effects will last long and can improve moods. If self-improvements were realized, Raonhaje, which means happy tomorrow, will come to us bigger and more easily. I sincerely hope that a 'real' RAONHAJE comes to CWNU!

Jung Won-kyeong  -

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