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ROTC Training

The ROTC trains every summer and winter. The summer training session was last August. The CWNU ROTC participated in this training. It was held in Chungcheongbuk-do Goe San. They underwent basic military training in first aid, shooting and marching. Military service is obligatory for all Korean men. I interviewed CWNU ROTC members about what they learned during ROTC training.

Jo Min-sung, (Dept. of International Relations)
The hardest part was the very hot weather during the summer training. Due to spending my vacation time lazily, it was very difficult to complete my daily schedule. Although a short time, I missed my friends and family. I realized there are many things to learn and get over through talking to classmates. I thought the summer training session was a chance to meet many good people, and make friends. It is difficult to make friends in school. I felt like I made friends during the summer training. I was thankful to become familiar with other school’s military cadets during the month. The topic of the military is the talk of the town, from the veterans’ point system to corruption from those who are excused from military service.

Choi Yong-gu, (Dept. of Information & Communication Engineering)
I went to the 2013 summer training session. I made up my mind to work hard before I went. When I was there, I overcame the difficulties every day. Sending letters to my parents made me sad. The hardest part of the training is the march. The march is 13 hours. I could not complete the march in a short time. I felt a sense of achievement and satisfaction, and I cried. I want to be more handsome and dignified and enjoy school and ROTC life. Go, CWNU ROTC!
All Korean men should serve in the military. They would know how hard it is there, and they would feel fear. We should feel thankful to the men who spend 2 years in the military to protect the nation and keep the citizens safe. Thanks, Changwon National University ROTC.

Lim Guk-jin  -

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