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For Whom are the Athletic Meets intended?

For the past two weeks, athletic meets were held by each college student council. College athletic meets important events to students due to the abolition of the Bong-rim Athletic Meet. But each college athletic meet was held on a different day because of space shortages, and the athletic meets interrupted other college’s classes and disturbed students in the library.

Kim You-hwan
(Dep. of Tax Management)
I think college athletic meets are positive, and strengthen department unity. Athletic meets give students a sense of belonging in each college because the meet is the biggest event that all college members participate in. In reality, however, other colleges’ classes and students studying in the library were disrupted by the meet from morning to night. To reduce the problems, CWNU must provide enough space to accommodate events such as athletic meets and talent shows. Amenities can be constructed in empty lots next to the Social Science building and the Sa-rim Students’ Hall, and talent shows can be held in the main gym. Those are viable alternatives that solve many problems.

Kim Hyeon-gi
(Dep. of Tax Management)
I am against athletic meets because each department enforces participation. Fundamentally, humans form intimate bonds with similar people, not all people. But department events like athletic meets force obedience and loyalty, so the events’ purpose is not unity. Although the athletic meets’ intentions aren’t bad, the system should be improved because of the serious influence it has. The athletic meets should be run similar to the CWNU Festival, so that all students can participate without disturbing the studying of other students.

Kim Dae-gon  -

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