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What do you think about state scholarships?
The purpose of state scholarships is to allow everybody, regardless of economic conditions, depending on their willingness and ability, can have the opportunity for higher education. The state scholarship, as an alternative to half price tuition, has incurred the resentment of students and parents. Due to inaccurate criteria, fair distribution of funding does not occur. What do CWNU students think about the state scholarship system that has been implemented in order to ease the burden of students?

Sang-hyeon: It has only been a year since the program began, but the state scholarship has problems. With the state scholarship, it was expected that everyone would get the benefit. This year, the selection criteria have been expanded; nevertheless it has still become a problem. I think we can solve these two problems about the state scholarship.
First, the scholarship foundation has to announce clarified standards and distribute balanced scholarships.
Second, according to the purpose of the scholarship program to encourage excellent academic grades, being pushed by competition, student self-development should be devoted to the study.
Therefore if there is a balanced effort from both the scholarship foundation and students, I think it will be a win-win policy for the government and the students.
Sang-min: The intent of the state scholarship is alleviating the burden of increasingly rising college tuition on households. But there are still problems with the payment standards. Now the state scholarship’s standard is income quintile. However in the selection process, the criteria are vague and there are so many unreasonable things.
Current standards for scholarships are known to be determined based on the current income, but they cannot account for household debt. Households with a lot of debt use their income to pay off the debt. So their real income amount does not reflect that issue yet, and they do not receive benefits. The state scholarship is improving gradually, but still has a long way to go.

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