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Closing the year
Jo Young-in(11), Dept. of English Language & Literature (reporter)
It was a year of large scale change for me. Every reporter tried new ways of writing, organization, layout, etc., continuously. I thought I did my best but now I recognize that making a newspaper takes more responsibility and the spirit of team work. I feel I should develop my abilities of socializing with other people who are different from me. I am looking forward to next year and I believe I can do it well. Thank you to all of the people who are always cheering me up.

Kim Kyeong-ah(09), Dept. of Environmental Engineering (editor-in-chief)
Wow, this is our last Campus Journal this semester! We have made an effort to be an interesting newspaper for all of you. Do you think we have made the Journal more appealing as we have tried? If one of you answers Yes, I am successful as an editor-in-chief. I hope you can round off this year and survive in 2012, the end of the world! Best wishes.

Kim Dae-gon(09), Dept. of Tax Management (reporter)
At the beginning of this semester, our Campus Journal took on some new faces. Our cub-reporters followed their senior reporters well and now we could finish this semester without any trouble. I expect that we will be able to make a more approachable newspaper in the future. I felt something lacking from this semester but it was also fruitful.

Kim Jun-hyeok(11), Dept. of Business Administration (cub-reporter)
The second semester is over! How was your second semester? For me, it was tough, happy, and regrettable. I really want to express my gratitude to everyone reading our journal, the harvest of hard work. Let’s meet next year in the Campus Journal, full of energy. Go, Campus Journal!

Park Ji-min(10), Dept. of English Language & Literature (reporter)
I was always pressed for time and other work this semester, so I could not be absorbed in studying. However I have never regretted my activities. I have an indomitable will to grab my own career and studies.

Lee Hye-in(11), School of Nano & Advanced materials Engineering (cub-reporter)
When I became a cub-reporter first, it was pretty difficult to write a journal in English. However, I worked with more passion because it was the beginning of my job. As time went by, I was absent from our meetings and always made excuses and became lazy doing my tasks. I want to be a more responsible reporter and work with a renewed mindset next year.

Lim Se-jin(11), Dept. of Nursing Science (cub-reporter)
There was a lot I learned from our reporters during this semester. Everyone took part in the meetings for making the high-quality Campus Journal and had a serious attitude for making their products. Although I didn’t attend all of our meetings this year because of my job at the hospital, I would like to keep my passion for my job next year.

Im Guk-jin(12), Dept. of French Language & Literature (cub-reporter)
When I graduated from high school, I expected that I would experience various things like being a reporter, participating in my department’s events, etc. However I think it feels insufficient to attain my goals yet. I want to run my own life next year, feeling the different weight of the twenties from my teen years.

Jung Hwan-su(09), Dept. of Mechanical Engineering (reporter)
It was a meaningful year to learn many things and have a qualification as a reporter. I am now interested in our university and am starting to have affection for CWNU. I will continue to work hard and cover news, always doing my best. Also, I am going to be a communicative reporter and try to enrich our Campus Journal. Thank you. I hope you can close the year in a positive way.

Jo Young-in  -

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