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What is caffeine?

It is a kind of alkaloid which is contained in fruit, leaves, and seeds of some plants like coffee or tea. Coffee, tea and soft drinks usually contain caffeine. If you consume it in large amounts in the long-term, you could become addicted to it. A survey by a job site says that a quarter of workers in Korea are addicted to coffee.

The good effects of caffeine

Charging Energy

If you have caffeine, you will be more active as it affects your brain and body. And it can speed up your metabolism and inject energy into your body. It is effective for studying and working if you don’t take too much of it.


You may have a cup of coffee when you get sleepy or lack concentration while doing something. Caffeine affects the central nervous system, so it gives more energy to your mental concentration and physical ability.

Easing digestion

Your digestive system will be returned to normal if you consume food or beverages containing caffeine when you are having trouble with digestion. This is because caffeine stimulates your stomach to secrete more of its acid, which promotes digestion. However, your stomach will suffer from hyperacidity if you take too much.

Relaxing breathing

Caffeine helps your breathing relax by relaxing your muscles. But taking caffeine excessively will increase your heartbeat, so don’t take too much.

The side effects of caffeine

Aging skin

Taking too much caffeine dehydrates your skin so it gets dry and haggard. After that it has a lack of necessary nutrients and moisture so it will have wrinkles and show aging.

Causing skin trouble

You will get red in the face with hemotelangiosis, and your skin will promote the production of sebum, so it can get blemishes. Also, it prevents you from getting a deep sleep, so your skin will have trouble renewing itself.

Causing Osteoporosis

It is especially during the period between adolescence and the early 20s that bone minerals are absorbed well. During this period, if you consume too much caffeine, you might develop osteoporosis because the supply of calcium will be reduced.

Getting the jitters and anxiety

Caffeine causes you to be anxious and over-sensitive. And this causes you to mess up your work and things like studying for exams. So don’t overdo it.

* hemotelangiosis: extending capillaries

* osteoporosis: bone has many holes because of lack of calcium

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