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Choi Chang-gyu (Dept. of English Language & Literature 08)

Actually, Im a maniac for the Campus Journal. There are many reasons why I like it. First, I can catch useful information about CWNU. Usually I read the articles that talk about events in my department. Second, as well as the information about CWNU, there is information about daily life, too. For example, I can read something about social problems and culture, etc. Also, the Campus Journal shows creative articles. They show their reporters lives. This is very impressive for me because I think it is very creative and interesting. The last reason why I like it is that foreign professors write some English articles. Because my major is English, I like reading these.

However, I think there is something to improve. The topics of the articles do not vary enough. In addition, I think it will be better if there were advertisements of upcoming events in various departments. With advertisements, students could know what events will be held. I have been reading the Campus Journal for a long time. It is written with easy English so I can read and understand it easily. Although I am not a reporter, I hope that many students read and enjoy the Campus Journal.

Jo Young-in  -

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