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Our readers' comments to paper

Kim Min-ji (Dept. of Free Major 12)

It is good that most of articles weren't standard such as adding illustrations and colors and I was not bored with a puzzle or climbing a ladder game, etc. Especially, the Entertainment articles gave readers both funny content and information with unique composition. I felt a little bit distracted by too many colors and it seemed that the newspaper reporting section didn't work well.

Jung Jae-heun (Dept. of Mass Communication 12)

I think that it is difficult for students to read English newspapers and is one of the reasons why the Campus Journal readership is low. But I think the new front page of the Journal will be accepted easily by students and attract interest from them. However, by too many unessential pictures and colors, readers can't concentrate on the articles, in my opinion.

Kim Ki-hwan (Dept. of Physics 11)

I like this new Campus Journal which has various contents. English puzzle and Traveler's interview on the third page are very interesting. If I have a chance, I would like to participate in writing for your paper. So how about raising the participation rate up through increasing private articles? And is it true that we can improve English ability by following the ways the Journal has suggested?

Kim jun hyeok  apple-maro@nate.com

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