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Our promise of a better paper

Kim Gyeong-ah,
Editor-in Chief
Delicious food can be defined as when people eat it once, they want to eat it again. Also, I think a reputable paper is that once you read it, you want to read it again and again. I want our newspaper to be good for our readers. In other words, I hope that our newspaper will be a good paper and that you’d like to read it again.

Jung hwan-su, Reporter
Before I became our school reporter,
I saw our English newspaper that always seemed to be left alone at the front entrance of our school. So I made myself a promise to make communication smoothly with students after becoming our English newspaper's reporter. I want to make a living, fresh newspaper that communicates with them, not something they simply read. I want our paper not to be coated with dust on our campus anymore.

Park Ji-min, Reporter
Many students have prejudices against English newspapers.
They think these kinds of papers are difficult, boring, and annoying to read. I want to break this prejudice and I hope our paper will be a good paper which can communicate with our students. So I will try to keep you updated as soon as I get more useful information and fresh news.

Kim Dae-gon, Reporter
Newspaper is a media which has the intention of conveying objective and helpful information. So I try to deliver useful news to our students by communicating with them.

Jo Young-in, Reporter
As time goes by, I seem to have developed a sense of responsibility and affection with our newspaper, The Campus Journal.
I want to make a good newspaper which our readers always anticipate reading, because some students are not interested in our paper now.

Park Ji-min  applemaro@changwon.ac.kr

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