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How to Study English?
  • Jung Hwan-su, Lim Se-jin
  • 승인 2012.09.03 19:52
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Prior to beginning this article, you should know there's more than one way to skin a cat.
There is your own particular way. I hope you to develop your own way well.


1. Read English books
These books have to not only be easy but interesting. In order to choose these kinds of books, you should search some nursery stories that are for elementary school students. It is easy to find such popular nursery stories using the internet. You can order books using the on-line shop directly, but it is better to check some sentences and whole stories with your own eyes. By using this method, you can improve your English reading skills very naturally.

2. Make a study group
There are lots of students who want to study English logically, and get a high score at TOEIC or TOEFL. If you want these too, you can form an English study group.
If you study with other people, you can study English more efficiently. By studying English together, you can learn more skills like grammar or vocabulary through other study members.


1. Speaking classes
These classes are taught by native teachers, and if you register for one of these classes, you can spend some time speaking English with native teachers. These classes are held twice during a semester, and you can enjoy English with native speakers at a regular time.

2. English Lounge
In English Lounge, you are not allowed use Korean, so you should use English only. Students go there to study, take a rest, and meet others. And you can also talk with a foreigner. Just enjoy your time with others!

3. English camp
It is a 4 week program living in the dormitory during summer or winter vacation. During this camp, you have to speak English only, and learn more specific skills such as grammar, reading, and writing. It has two programs, freshmen
camp and student camp, and you can participate in both of them.


You can listen to a native-speaking instructor’s class and enroll in it. When you learn English, if you imitate the mother tongue learning environment, you can learn English effectively.
I had a special experience taking part in the CWNU English Village Camp.The camp made me use English naturally. I could learn living English through native-speaking instructors and make remarkable progress in writing ability because I applied what I learned immediately. So I recommend you join the camp.
In addition to the camp, you can learn English with native-speaking instructors. The Language Education Center provides various opportunities to meet native speakers. Native-speaking instructors will give you circumstances which approximate the mother tongue learning environment as closely as possible. And if you think it is difficult to learn English from a native speaker and don’t always understand what Native speakers say, I suggest you study grammar from the middle and high school level again.


1. Understand pronunciation phenomena.
Mastering fundamental pronunciation phenomena is very important. There are abbreviation, assimilation, dissimilation, ellipsis and prolonged sound phenomenon.

2. Dictation is the best way.
Although it consumes a lot of time and energy, it is very effective. Also, you can check a pronunciation phenomenon’s application. And to do dictation with fun you can utilize English screenplays.

3. Strengthen vocabulary.
Although you hear ‘milk’ in a sentence, ‘He milked two dollars out of me’, if you don’t exactly understand the meaning of ‘milk’, you won't know milk (verb) means suck. You also should study spoken language and informal terms.

4. You have to enjoy various things.
I recommend you enjoy news, dramas, talk shows, movies, music and so on. They give you varied English nuances. So it will prevent you from getting accustomed to only one nuance. And, above all things is talking with Native speakers!

Jung Hwan-su, Lim Se-jin  yabbi0311@naver.com

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