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Spring in CWNU
  • Ky Sereyvath, Mr.
  • 승인 2011.04.25 13:07
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On February 26, 2010, at 6:30am Vietnam Airline landed in Gimhae airport. All passengers need to do check-in to Korea. Making queue in the line labeled “international passport”, a Cambodian student, aged around 30 years old, was in great hurry to come out quickly. After arriving CWNU, he was strange in mind that why only few people in the dormitory. This was the first life in Korea as well as in dormitory for him. However, everything was ready for him, due to well preparing of the International affair staff.

In the first few days he felt lonely, and stressful, because of the way communication. Furthermore, the dormitory restaurant and minimart were also closed due to the short break. It seemed to be fallen in to a dark trap.

After raining, the sky becomes so clear. On the 1st March 2010 his roommate who was a kind and helpful man, Mr. Shim Yung Seok came, and the school restaurant and minimart was opened; so that life was being bright from time to time, the cherry blossom at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Jinhae. Mr. Shim, and Mr. Lee Chang Soo also were the best one-to-one partner of that Cambodian student, who guided their partner in building his life in CWNU.

From time to time, everything was running smoothly. Due to the kindness, friendliness, and helpfulness of the leaders and members of International affair office, especially, Prof. Jeong Yeon Sik, and Ms. Kim Min Jeong, he can attend Korean classes and the major class easily. He also had chance to attend many events organized by the International affair office actively, such as visiting the Changwon House, Cherry Blossom Festival, Gimhae Cultural Festival, MT program in Namhae and Boguk, picnic in Geojaedo and Gyeongju, Moon festival, Thank of giving festival and so on.

Later on, Korean life style was come to his feeling due to having many kinds of Korean foods, Kimchi, Heajangkuk, Bulgogi, Samgyeobsal, Gamjatang, Jajangmyon, odeang, Tokpokki, Soondae, Hottok, Socreampang, and so on.

In the one year life in CWNU, he had good memories such as sleeping in Korean house in Gimhae with a great host and reception; winning the competition in friendship game in Namhae, and playing Cheakichaki in Buguk.

Last but not least, all of his professors, Prof. Lee Cheon Woo, Prof. Kwon Sun Joo, Prof. Jung Jong Soo, and Prof. Peter J. Stauvermann, in the department of Economics, gave and supported him an invaluable lectures, and others as well as the secretary of the department and his classmate also. It was luckiness for him to have good professors. On the other hand, even though his Korean language was not good, but he got many encouragements from Korean language professor and teacher, Prof. Jeong Jeong Deok, Ms. Lee Seon Hee, Ms. Im Jeong Min, Ms. Jo Jae Eun, and Ms. Jeong Eun Gyeong.

Despite, he is the only one Cambodian student in CWNU, but he made lots of friends, here, such as Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Russian, Japanese, Uzbek, and German friends, that we can say that this is the successful life Korea as Spring in CWNU.

Ky Sereyvath, Mr.  media@changwon.ac.kr

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