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What do you think about progress?
  • Maltseva valeriya
  • 승인 2011.04.11 13:05
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I still do not want to be a maniac, fanatic, but even for me, as a simple inhabitant like just “eat-sleep” becomes interested in the topic of technological singularity, and as it happens often, what you are interested in is starting to fall on all sides, trifles, accidents and other nonsense. And the deeper it penetrates, the more is unknown.

It is probably an already familiar image (honestly, I saw it myself, but I guess I'm not the only "smart" one):

Thus, the infinity: infinity of information, time and space. If I was a small dot, and that will be terrible: if I start to grow, the contact of area between me and infinity increases. The circle widens, as well as my infinity.
Every year, the speed of technology changes fast and it decreases the time between one evolutionary event and another. In the world, scientists are digging a lot of new theories and discoveries. A normal person can not understand and comprehend even a quarter of it all.

The term "Singularity" (Latin: singularis - a separate, special) is borrowed from astrophysicists who use it to describe cosmic black holes and, in some theories, early universe - a point with an infinitely large mass and temperature and zero volume. In mathematics, the singularity is a point of function, the value of which tends to be infinite, or "interesting" points. What kind of attitude can embrace the concept of singularity in technology?
If the term "technological singularity" is explained in simple terms, it is an acceleration of technical progress to beyond the threshold limit, presumably followed by the creation of artificial intelligence and self-replicating machines, the integration of people with computers and a significantly abrupt increase in the capacity of the human brain through biotechnology.

According to predictions of some scientists, technological singularity would be happen around the year 2030.

Maybe everything seems daunting and unreal. But the internet has lots of such information or ideas. For me, this whole story began in my childhood, with the Soviet science fiction by the brothers Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, and foreign fiction writer Roger Zelazny, Arthur Clarke and Ray Bradbury. Honestly, I grasped these books unlike my parents. Nowadays, I look at how the world has changed, so I believe that anything is possible.

The imminent approach of "posthuman" era is one of the most active adherents in the theory by an American mathematician and science fiction writer Vernon Vinge, who says"The acceleration of technological progress - the main feature of the 20th century. We are on the verge of change comparable to the advent of the man on the earth. Fervent cause of these changes is that the development of technology will inevitably lead to the creation of an entity with intelligence greater than man. Science can achieve such a breakthrough via various ways."

Effective, isn’t it? Vinge says plainly that in the near future on Earth, there will be another reason which will directly manage the process of civilization, and we will notice it in the ways that we can not even imagine today.
But in most of the mundane things all our lives -- we learn, we go to work, get married, there's a small place of personal discovery and extraneous thoughts about science, politics and other stuff. We are living in the way of nature's practical merits, but sometimes it is so useful to look back. So I think the transition to singularity is hard for the older generation who are not accustomed to such a furious pace. After all, before one step of higher education was enough for my life, but now every 2 or 3 years, something is changed, updated, and the others become permanently obsolete, and so it is important to keep pace with the time.

But I think curiosity is the main thing in life.

Maltseva valeriya  -

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