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I am ashamed...

Hi there! How are you today? I hope you have a nice day! Anyway I want you to listen what I say. I want to talk about basic rule in university. It is really basic rule but also really hard to keep it. First thing is “No smoking area”. I think all of you know that every building has been designated as smoking area in the university. But I can easy to find cigarette butt thrown away (especially in the toilet). Who did it? Yes, we did. We did not keep the rule. Second thing is “Central library”.

At midterm or final examination we use central library. But that time, how noise are there! I cannot believe I am in the library. If there is just noise, I do not bother you. But also there is someone who broke the rule. A notice attaches on the front of each door. It says “Do not enter with tea or coffee.” But too many students did not keep the rule. Is it hard to keep? No, it isn’t. Third thing is “Parking on the bicycle way”. CNU has board parking area. But when I ride bicycle, too many cars parked on the bicycle way. That is really dangerous. Last thing is “Trash”. There is trash bin anywhere but lots of trash is on the ground.

These four things are basic of basic. Also we learned these things when we were primary-school children. What wrong with us? The first problem is that we do not have the proprietor mind. If the university were our house, do yo
u throw the trash? Second problem is we do not care other people. We live together, so we should make a concession. Think about it. When you ride a bicycle someone block your way by a car. Is that right thing? But we did it. If we were primary-school students, I can understand our mistakes. But we are adults. That mean we have a responsibility. We must do perform our duties before we assert our rights. We should think if I were you, what do I feel it? When we study hard in the library, someone is talking over the telephone a very loud voice. Can you concentrate on the study? But we do it. Why do we do these things? Because we do not respect other people. The basic rule is hard to keep. But if we kept the rule, we can get the lots of things. I want you to start to change yourself. We can do it.

KIm Hyng-joon  -

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