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You need to have a hobbyby Kim Jong-Hyun, Dept. of Computer Engineering

Cultural activities represent the light mental activities which do not require much of the brain energy. Such activities include listening to music and watching movies. Through such cultural activities, it is possible for people to provide their exhausted brains with full of vitality and to exhibit strong planning abilities.

You need to choose one hobby which you like and utilize your leisure time with it. Some people might say, "I am too busy to have a hobby." Others might say that they need to have enough money and time to enjoy a hobby. Such people need to realize that they are completely mistaken. Many people still think that a hobby is a kind of sport which requires a high level of elegance or an expensive tool. However, there is nothing special about a hobby. It is just something which anyone can use to relieve his or her stress, other than his or her job for a living.

By having a hobby, people can expand the range of their social relationships. While there are some hobbies which require a certain amount of money, there are others which do not require a dime. The person who does not have a hobby is considered to be boring. Having a hobby makes a person happy. If you say that you do not have any hobby, others would think that you are boring.

How can you enjoy with someone who has no hobby? Having a hobby makes it easier for you to meet people and spend your leisure time more properly. Someone might ask you about your hobby and you might say that it is dancing. The person who asks you such a question might say that his or her hobby is also dancing. In such a case, it would be merely a question of time for you two to become friends.

A common hobby helps to narrow social gaps. It would be easy for the people who have a common hobby or activity to become friendly to one another.

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