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Learning Through Multimedia Technology at the Language Education Centerby Cecile Hwang, English Instructor, LEC

The Language Education Center (LEC), with the cooperation of CNU Human Resources Development Center for Offshore Plant Engineering (HOPE), recently acquired interactive whiteboards in an effort to enhance classroom language learning experience through multimedia technology. Seven of its classrooms on the first floor are now equipped with digital whiteboards, multimedia projector, computer, and speakers, all provided by HOPE.

The multimedia projector is connected to the monitor socket from the desktop computer and projects images onto the interactive whiteboard, which then acts like a projector screen. Using electromagnetic technology and resistive technology, the interactive whiteboard can be controlled by a special pen or your fingers. You can control the computer and all its applications while standing in front of the classroom. Whatever you can do at a computer screen, you can do at an interactive whiteboard. You can write, draw pictures, drag and slide images, play movies and more?all with a touch of your fingers.

The interactive whiteboards can be used to write over the top of programs to highlight and annotate points, view and navigate the Internet from the whiteboard, display movie files, and work on word processing documents, spreadsheets, etc. They came with software that enables us to use it as a copy board. You can write or draw on the whiteboard with your finger or the pens provided and save the image to the computer. These images, which are notes from the class, can be printed or emailed.

Jin Tae Park, a senior student taking a conversation class at the LEC says, "Learning is more interesting because the teacher can present the lesson in a more active way. Students can remember the lesson better because of the visual images." According to Mr. Anthony Carlin, an English instructor at the LEC, "Having this technology in the classroom is great because it makes the learning experience more enriching. The lessons are interactive, and I can use multimedia materials to improve students's understanding of the lesson."

Using this technology in the classroom captivates and engages the students. Now, learning a language can be more fun and effective at the LEC.

Cecile Hwang  -

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