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Experience in korea from an Indian heartView of A foreign student
I am an Indian student pursuing Doctorate course in the school of Nano and Advanced Materials Eng. I have been admitted in CWNU in September 2009. Before coming to Korea, it was my childhood dream to reach Korea because of two reasons. One is that, I am a Taekwondo player and love Taekwondo deeply from the core of my heart. 'Word Taekwondo Federation' Headquarter is situated in kukkiwon, Korea, so I always been keen interested to visit the WTF head quarter.

Korean Taekwondo team is best among the world's top ten ranking. The second reason is that Korea is well known country for its excellent Research and development, Technology and good educational environment. I have been spending my one semester in dormitory. The experience of living in the dormitory was really very nice.

The students here are very helping and loving specially Korean and Chinese students. They always take care of international students in any kind of problems even when we feel strange here. Research facilities and teaching method is also effective and create a good quality education environment, so that the students can enter into the real world for their jobs and can get better positions in any field of specialization.

Professor's behavior is very friendly and they always take care like their children. I can say that this loving and caring nature in Korean peoples is in the culture of Korea. Initially I was facing some food problem, but as the time passed it came in habit to enjoy the Korean food. Every country has different food habit, so it is in general that every international student will feel different taste. It might be create some problem for the survival. But if we little bit change our food habit then we can enjoy Korean food and culture. In the last I want to say that I am happy with my life in Korea and I am proud to be a Doctorate student in CWNU. Thanks to God for make my dream to be real one.

‘Corbit wells’ is a name as a writer not real name.

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