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To Achieve Recognition

As you know, we are running our facebook page now. You can easily access the page through the QR code on our first page, using your smart phone. A few days ago one of the former chief editors wrote a comment on our facebook page that commends us for doing a good job with the paper. He also said “I am so proud of you guys!” It made my heart fill with joy and happiness, and the memories, some difficult, of The Campus Journal for the last three years flashed through my mind. I realized how much I dreamt of for adulation. It makes me feel content to be recognized by someone. I really appreciate that the senior encouraged us with high praise although there are many shortcomings in our paper. I also am sorry and grateful to our reporters for doing their best to make the newspaper in spite of my, sometimes, picky personality. I strongly believe that our paper can be great since our reporters passionately strive to achieve our goal: to make all the CWNU members read our newspaper. Making the newspaper is like a group project in a class, so if one of us neglects our duty, someone else would have to do it. In other words, it is a team, with each reporter managing their own tasks. They are active in everything they do. In this respect, I heartily thank them. If our reporters had a passive attitude, I would be very tired. When you join a new group, it is important to fit in because the existing members may not think that you are strictly necessary. Actually, I have ever experienced the situation. When I was private in the army, five years ago, I couldn’t do anything as an administrative clerk, and I used to be seated alone when my senior soldiers were busy. I had no choice but to do errands for them and I received bad treatment. So, I was determined to find anything that I could and learn myself. As time went on, I was able to do my task perfectly because my work ability was great, so, field-grade officers couldn’t walk all over me as well as senior soldiers. It let me know how to achieve recognition in an organization. Nowadays, I see the students who don’t know those facts. They don’t learn themselves and blame anyone for their shortcomings. They never teach themselves how to do anything. My advice is that if you wait for someone to show you how to do everything then nobody will respect you. If you desire recognition then make the first steps yourself. People will respect you more if you take initiative for your own learning and future.

by Jung Hwan-su, editor-in-chief

Jung Hwan-su  -

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