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What is the true press?

Today’s youth are easily exposed to the press like the news of internet portal site with their smart phone. I think that is very desirable because it raises their awareness of social and political issues. But, what concerns me is that most students blindly believe what they read. Recently, I listened to opinions of students on press ideals. Most students said the press should take a neutral attitude and should report only facts but this raised the questions of who should set the standard of neutrality and can the facts be the truth? The above figure can answer this question. The press is only presents the opinions on a matter. To take the press for the truth without criticism is foolish. The reader should be left to draw his or her own conclusion. I think the readers’ unquestioning acceptance is brought on by the press packing themselves as if they are the truth. The press necessarily has the popularity and the commercial applications that are the characteristics of capitalism because it interacts with the public through the mass media. The audience rating is linked to the press’ profit. So, the press focuses on one side of a matter, which they can get the audience interested, rather than the truth of the matter.

The press has great influence in present-day society. The press should forget the desire to sensationalize their stories for the tabloids and realize their original mission: to use their power correctly. The role of the press is not simply to report a fact. The press should report the truth and present a subject in its true perspective so that the readers may judge the fact correctly and form proper public opinion and, when the press get down to the grass roots on a matter and don’t succumb to outside pressure they will be able to gain the readers’ confidence.

Jeong Hwan-su  -

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