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Just Do It Right Now

I heard a young man’s story recently he was going backpacking and found a tailor’s shop around the grand avenues of Paris. He went into the shop and wore a white shirt, suit and tie and shoes. It happened instantly. He looked at his reflection in the mirror, and was impressed, but, the total cast was 1,200,000 won. That was more expensive than the total of all the clothes he had bought backpacking with him. At that moment, he had about 1,200,000 won. If he bought the clothes from the tailor, he couldn’t continue backpacking. He agonized between the easy trip and the satisfaction in buying them. Finally he bought the clothes and bivouacked for the night. The next morning, he began to worry about the rest of his travels so he went to local accommodation places and said “If I bring five guests, give me a room and if I bring more than the five, give me commission!” That day, he took 30 guests to the accommodation in an hour. Why? He wore the BOSS! Within a week he earned about 500,000 won. Then, he went to the Czech Republic and rented a house for a week. He also visited different places and hired white people who were young and pretty. He hit the jackpot! The day he left the Czech Republic, he had about 10,000,000 won. This is the story of Kim Eojun, the head of Ddanzi Ilbo. He says “It was possible due to BOSS, just do what you want and be happy right now.” Of course, I don’t think BOSS made all the things possible. But, I agree with, “Just do what you want and be happy right now.” When I was a sophomore, I was really interested in automobiles. So, I wanted to join a hand-made car club, AK. But, that would take up so much of my time. In addition, I was already spending a lot of time at my part-time job and the Campus Journal. However, I just did what I wanted. Consequently, I competed in a hand-made car racing competition with my team and did well, and I got better grades than before. Of course, I didn’t neglect my part-time job and the Campus Journal. I think that If I had not joined A.K, I would bitterly regret it now. I hope you are not a fool who delays what you want. Just do it now!

Jung Hwan-su  -

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