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Make Memories to Remember
I will graduate from CWNU next February. I never took a leave of absence even once until now. Looking back on my past 3 years as a student, I guess that I have no impressive memories, though I was very busy with many things such as newspaper work, part-time jobs, and extracurricular activities. Is your mind suffering due to a busy life? If so, I think you had better take a rest from your daily life.
Why don’t you take a trip, or do something memorable while taking a break? You might regret having few memories when you look back on your school days after having graduated. People say that university students should go on a train trip, but I never took the trip because I was so busy with things, and was under pressure from my parents. Others go backpacking through Europe alone, or take a group trip. Sadly, I’m so regretful that I have no great memories because I have been so busy.
I’m now busy preparing for a job, but I’ll try to make some precious memories by taking a break from my busy schedule. It is sad to have nothing to remember when we are old. I hope you guys take the time to create some valuable memories.

Park Ji-min  -

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