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Do What You Really Want!

Lately, I read a post on Facebook which aroused my sympathy for people preparing to get a job nowadays. It talked about a young applicant’s worries about getting a job, and various replies to her problem.

The concern of the young applicant is that she is graduating from the design department in a local university. She said that she sent a resume to several companies for jobs she didn’t want because she felt she should be employed first. She also wants to do other things like study film or display design. So she doesn’t know what she really wants to do. She seems to be afraid of going after the best things and doing new things like studying film, whose job prospects are not bright. What should she do?

Youth unemployment in Korea is increasing now. The youth say that there are no good jobs, or that they don’t know what kind of job they should get because of the recession these days. But employers say that there are no talented people.

This reply points out the weak attitude which the youth have. It highlights the fact that the youth don’t really know what they want to do, or what they can do well. And it criticizes their unrealistically high standards because they demand high paying jobs or steady jobs rather than jobs they really want. With this phenomenon, our society becomes lethargic and can fall into economic depressions. The reply also stresses the importance of having a strong spirit. Though it is difficult at first, if they try again and again, their efforts can be rewarded.

After reading this post, I realized that I was also a weak person, and I was not challenging myself enough. And I thought that without pain, there is no gain. I’m still in my twenties, so I’ll try hard to make my dream come true when I graduate.

Park Ji-min  applemaro@changwon.ac.kr

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