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A leader

A leader

I have been a leader of various clubs for university students. But these experiences left much to be desired as leader because I was leading for the first time. In particular, I didn't have charisma and the tricks of leading a group. I was in charge of most things by myself and the position title "Leader" became a big burden to me. When I was a follower, I could give up if things got hard, but a leader can't do that. However, as years went by, the position of leader made me different.

Now, I have learned a lot of things through my time as Campus Journal leader for a year, more than I learned when I was leader of other groups. When I became editor-in-chief, I wanted all reporters to feel their existence in this group. If only a few people were highly active, I thought that was definitely the leader's fault. So, I tried hard to be a leader who gives everyone an equal opportunity and say.

I took a leadership class for help with leadership skills. How can I lead the Campus Journal well? How can I make CWNU students read our newspaper? I agonized over it a lot. As a result, we made a plan for the newspaper and published a new issue for each semester. I have matured by going through these processes that overcome hard work or the urge to give up.

But the most important factors that made me an effective leader were the followers (our reporters), more than myself. I improved as a leader through their earnestness, passion and trust. This way, followers make a leader not of the leader's own design. And now, we face a presidential election in our country. We have a right to select the leader of Korea and we can use it. You cannot be too hard on an elected president if you didn't vote. And you must not get angry temporarily and then just move along if they make many mistakes. Our followers should trust our leaders and must supervise them to the end. When we treat them as real leaders, they will reform themselves as real leaders in our country. A precious vote to choose a great leader was given to us.

Kim Gyeong-ah  media@changwon.ac.kr

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