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Graduating class,that most joyful grade in college
I would unhesitatingly choose now which is my happiest time in college. Actually, senior year is a lonely grade because the pace of major life is slower than other grades, you are so busy trying to get a job, and many friends have taken a leave of absence. However, the reason I choose this moment is that I could take the classes that I wanted.
I wanted to study my major and I was less stressed than other students who didn't want to study this major. But before fourth grade, I usually couldn't take other classes that I wanted because most of the timetable was so inflexible in the College of Engineering. So when I became a senior, I took classes that I wanted. I almost hoped classes were finally coming to an end, but now, classes are more joyful than before.
The classes which I chose brought me a lot of benefit. For example, I lacked knowledge about Chinese characters and I'm taking a Chinese character class. And nowadays, when I see Chinese characters on TV or in a book, I remember what I have learned, and I feel the joy of increasing knowledge.
When I look around, I see many students taking classes that they don't want, just for good grades. That's really regrettable, because I think they are not using their special right as university students. "I want to take this class but it's difficult to get a good grade" Oh my god... you can study harder! Only for a good grade, you are stressing all through the semester. I can say the classes that I took were really helpful but I don't know that your classes were helpful for you. I was so sad when I saw students' answers to our question "What will you do after midterm exams?" in the last issue. To study Toeic and to get certification occupied most of the answers. That's really what you want to do after midterm exams? You're taking a class that you don't want during the semester and you're studying Toeic in vacation and repeat, repeat, repeat, for grades, for qualifications? When will you live for you?

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