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My dream

I want to tell you my personal story in this issue. This is about my dream. When I was a freshman, I started to write a book about I all the things I want to do, after watching the movie “Last Holiday.”

Briefly, in this movie, the heroine, Georgia, has a private “Book of Possibilities.” It’s a dream note (bucket list). She always dreams, but her dreams seem to be out of touch with reality. And then, she is sentenced to a time-limited life. She goes to a posh hotel, which is in her “Book of Possibilities.” She spends her remaining time there and has a fantastic time. In the end, she learns that her life's time limit is wrong, due to a mechanical error. Finally, her “Book of Possibilities” becomes a “Book of Realities.”

Now, my “Book of Possibilities”. This is very a precious note for me, on which I painted a butterfly, and engraved my name. Now, I will introduce a part of my dream list.

First, I want to be an urban designer. I want to design a city that makes people's lives happier, together with nature all around. I will develop my understanding of urban identity, until age 26. Secondly, I will design cities in Korea (until 35), and then I will design international cities (from 36). Third, I will be a world famous urban planner in my 40s. Fourthly, I will live in a city that I designed, when I am ready.

Actually, you might laugh at me or say, ”That’s too big a dream for you!” But I can tell you, I carried my dream to this newspaper itself, so I have already moved forward with it. Also, I would want to ask you in return, ”Why is your dream smaller and smaller? We are still in our 20s! We have a lot of time, and are qualified to have big dreams.” What is your dream?

Kim Gyeong-ah  media@changwon.ac.kr

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