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Is it safe to walk the streets alone at night?

What's the answer for this question? If you say "Yes", you must be a man.
Nowadays we hear a lot of news about sexual crime. It seems to be almost twice a day. And the targets of rape are various, from children to pregnant women. Rape is a really terrible crime, but it is increasing recently.

Why does it happen? Most sex offenders are ex-convicts and they committed the same crime again. There are many reasons, but the main reason is "a lenient sentence." It's an undeniable fact! Government has struggled a lot, but it's not enough.

Some people say that detailed personal data will infringe upon the human rights of the sex offenders. If their daughter or wife was raped, however, they would never say that. Of course, these criminals were not monsters from the beginning, but they did something that ruined a woman's life. Who is to blame? No one can correct what has already happened.

Actually, women's activities are more limited than men’s. For example, traveling, living apart from one's family, and other things done alone. It sounds unfair, but it's true. So, we must protect ourselves.

The best method is prevention! We have to pay more attention to those around us. And men should think about the result of the impulse of the moment. As you know, it's no use crying over spilt milk. Also, women should be very careful. We have to try to avoid walking the streets alone at night, drinking excessively, etc. Men and women have to try to solve this problem together.

To the General Female Students' Association! How about pepper spray as an item in the next Association purchase?

Kim Gyeong-ah  -

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