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What is your color?
Recently, we voted in the general election. As you know, there was a little controversy about a Filipino woman who became a congressman. I also felt strange at the sight because congressmen work for our nation, but, I thought, will this be possible with a foreigner? However, in a case where a Korean is passed over for a high position in another nation, we would turn up the card called "racial discrimination." Isn’t it ironic?
I can tell you any number of similar examples. Now, the Korean Wave has sparked a fad for Korean movies, dramas and pop music. And yet singers who are very famous in Southeast Asian nations are not treated as talented in Korea. But if they were from Europe or America, that would change everything. In addition, we ourselves feel deeply insulted when we are being discriminated against in other nations.
We only think about how we suffer racism. We don't care about foreigners wounded by our behavior. Lately, many Southeast Asian women have married Korean men. We can see a large number of these husbands who abuse their wives. We have no right to ignore this. These women are respected people in their home nations. But many men have the attitude, "I am superior to her." That's bull. When you couldn't find a marriage partner in Korea, thankfully this foreign woman married you. Don't abuse or disrespect her! The only reason is the color of her skin.
Skin color, that is the same old trickery. Who is the great person, the white skinned janitor or the black skinned doctor? We should look at their character and achievement, not at their appearance.
The world tide is changing. Who would have imagined? Westerners are crazy about Asian singers! They don't have a right to disrespect us, and we don't have a right to disrespect them. In the end, we are the same, all human beings.
Do you want to be a world- famous person? First you should have a world mind.

Kim Gyeong-ah  -

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