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You Have a True Friend?

Lately, relationships between friends have lots of problems of outcasts and violence etc. It has become the most important issue as time passed. I remember the article which I read "I am scared to be treated as an outcast more than to be bullied at school". So what is to rescue them who feel left out? That is person who admits my existence. Only having one friend is quiet enough.

I will tell you a short interesting story. When I was freshman I didn’t know anybody in university. Maybe all did, but some friends became familiar with others already and it looked like everyone was fine. Of course, I couldn’t do that because I was shy of strangers. To make a friend of mine wasn’t easy to me. And orientation made me fell out of it and I wanted to go home from the circumstances. When I had a chance to talk with a friend who looks well-adjusted coming back home in the bus. That time I opened my heart to her and to be surprised, she felt the same like me. After then I have asked other people about that and guess what the answer was- they also felt left out of it.

We want to be good friends with others and at the same time we feel left out. Isn’t that so weird? Maybe, the reason is everybody wants me to come first instead of going to by themselves. When I approached her, she became my savior and I became her lifesaver.

Please remind you of the moment when you feel left out about that what you want. Well, you really want a sincere friend only and the true friend will save you from your pain absolutely.

Kim Gyeong-ah  wing1128@naver.com

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