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My heart is fluttering caused by spring
Spring arrived before I felt it, and it is already in the air. There is a gentle breeze and flower buds are appearing. In spring, we make new associations in all parts of our lives, such as a new university year and new friends, etc. Due to the beautiful weather, there is a remarkable increase in the number of people who go out.
Spring has the power to bring new hope, unlike other seasons. After the harsh winter, plants and animals stretch out their huddled bodies. We set new goals and want to accept new challenges.
Dieting for women and quitting smoking for men are the most common goals. Of course these aims are not easy to accomplish, and most people won’t achieve their goals. But if you really want it you can do it.
Don't be frustrated about goals that you did not achieve at New Year's. Please check your aims again and press on with persistence. No time is perfect, so don't just throw your goals aside. Keep trying.
If things are bad for you or when daily life is boring, you should go out! I recommend taking a walk in the park rather than remaining indoors. Enjoy spring in the air and look at the flowers, or children who are playing, and when you come back from the park you can concentrate on your work. Another way, for me, is to observe other students studying in the library. It is pretty helpful because their passion is conveyed to me.
However, if you cannot concentrate you should get counseling from professors or seniors. You will discover new possibilities and new ways.
Spring will pass in the winking of an eye. But I hope your wishes in this season will continue, though spring and summer will quickly become winter again. Winter always draws to a close and hopeful spring comes back again.
by Kim Gyeong-ah, Editor-in-chief

Kim Gyeong-ah  wing1128@naver.com

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