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Korea is trapped in a “Dogani,” due to the popular film with this title. The film depicts an incident based on the true story of sex crime taking place at Inhwa School. The school, located in Gwang-ju, is a special education institution for hearing-impaired students.

Some people who watched the movie began to clamor for a reinvestigation of the case. The reason is that all the accused went unpunished because of the statute of limitations on their crime. As a result, there is a public uproar throughout Korean society against the actions of the government’s ministry of justice.

On the website, Daum Agora, many people are organizing a series of campaigns for the abolition of the statute of limitations on sex crimes. The number of people involved in the signature campaign has now reached approximately thirteen million.

I also signed this petition. However, I saw a comment written by a woman who has younger brother with a disability. The comment is a concern for the disabled. She said immoderate attention to the disabled is will cause them to suffer because they respond impressionably to such action.

I saw also another comment written by someone who is working at another special education institution. The comment’s main point was, “These days, I can’t be bothered to work since some people are so prejudiced against our institution and bombard us with rough words on the web.”

I think people’s opinions on this issue are right. However, not all actions are right. In my opinion, if people want to help the disabled, first of all they should carefully consider the best way in their heart. When they sincerely think of what is best for others, their attempts to help them will shine more brightly.

by Ryu Seung-bong, Editor-in-Chief

Ryu Seung-bong  nawow100@changwon.ac.kr

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