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Life is not a spectator sport

“Life is not a spectator sport” is the slogan of Reebok, the well-known sports brand. Interpreting the meaning of this sentence, it is very pleasant for you to watch the game that others are playing in the stadium or on TV. However, it is not enough for you just to watch others play. And what about in life? It is true in life too. You have to be a key player and drop the sweat of enthusiasm and effort for yourself and your life.

Prof. Shin Young-bok, giving a speech to the freshmen at Seoul National University, said the four years of university are the most beautiful period in one’s life. And someone else said our four years in university decide the future. So, you are now at an important moment. But are you going to take advantage of it? Please be a key player at CWNU.

Some students graduate without doing anything memorable or having any exceptional experiences. Studying hard and earning good grades are also very important and memorable things during undergraduate life. But I think that getting good grades in university is not everything. In the last issue, another reporter wrote an article about tips for your successful university life. That article said the following: “jump in with both feet at university or department events and do extracurricular activities, sign up for campus activities like contests, on-campus events, or volunteer work.” Think of how many things you can experience during this period, and which are available only during this period. In the future, you will be a member of society, working for a company, which gives no great experience. I hope you will be able to say then, ‘I dropped the sweat of enthusiasm and effort in campus life.” But do not forget to strive to keep your grades up.

I hope you keep in mind the favorite saying, “Life is not a spectator sport.” If you're going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion you're wasting your life.

by Ryu Seung-bong, Editor-in-Chief

Ryu Seung-bong  nawow100@changwon.ac.kr

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