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Health care tips for spring
Spring is the season of warm sunlight, but there’s a big temperature gap between daytime and nighttime. When spring arrives, nature’s power withdrawn during the winter awakens and emits its force. If you don’t manage your health properly at this time of the year, your body could lose its natural balance. As a result, the immune system will weaken and your health will suffer. We have to pay particular attention to our health, especially in spring. Here are some tips for better health care:

1. Get enough sleep.
The best way of relieving fatigue in spring is to sleep well. If you didn’t have enough sleep, taking a 20 minute nap in the afternoon will help relieve fatigue. However, taking a nap for over half an hour could result in a bad sleep. Sleeping all day to get rid of fatigue accumulated on weekdays during holidays could also make us even more tired the next day. To sleep well, try to avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol.

2. Do stretching in the morning and evening.
Relaxing tense muscles through free exercises and light stretching is recommended. Especially, briefly warming up by stretching after getting up in the morning will make you start a day with vigor. Slightly exercising before going to bed can help you sleep well and thus can prevent spring fever.

3. Maintain cleanliness.
During spring, it’s easy to get eye and respiratory diseases due to yellow dust. You should avoid rubbing your eyes. Make it a habit to wash your hands frequently after coming home and even when indoors. After returning home, eyes and nose should also be washed clean. Also, don’t forget to drink enough water to keep enough moisture in your body.

4. Get enough sunlight exposure.
As sunshine increases, the secretion of pituitary hormone also increases. More vitamin D is also generated in our bodies and our bones also get stronger. The secretion of hormone also becomes active. Getting enough sunlight during spring, the season of more sunlight, is also good for our health.

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