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The world is for those who are ready to take risks!

People often say those who are talented can never be as good as those who try their best and those who try their best can never be as good as those who like doing what they do. I’ve always been proactive on finding what I want to do and perform them at my utmost. Since I was little, my parents have almost never told me to study, nor have they ever told me to take certain lessons or try learning something. That was how I found out my interest and talent while growing up.

For example, this one time I really wanted to learn bead crafts. Instead of telling my parents and asking them for help, however, I went to a bead crafts store by myself and learned little by little every day. There is one lesson I learned from trying and deciding things on my own; you are the only one who can determine your future.I’ve never been afraid of trying something new. Thanks to that fearless aspect of myself, I could gain a lot of unique experiences. In high school, as chairperson of my town’s youth committee, I held discussions with other teenage representatives from other parts of the town and made several suggestions to the mayor. I was more excited than ever. I am currently an active member of my college’s English newspaper. Although it is a lot of work to put out a newspaper every other week, it is definitely a very rewarding work and I love my part as an editor. Now I am preparing for training and getting job. abroad.

The reason I applied for this program is that I didn’t want to just learn foreign language, but to experience bigger world and be a part of it. I have saved up about $15,000 on my own not to give any financial obligation to my parents. I have held numerous part-time jobs such as tutoring, working for a newspaper, etc. to make money. Along the way, I have also gained experiences that are priceless. It was not an easy thing to go to school and have part-time jobs at the same time, but I am someone with inexhaustible energy and even greater will power. Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t have my dream. In the future, where it’s near or later, I would like to be a person who can be a help to other people. I would like to learn more and experience more in America so that I could be a help to people and also to the society in large.

Ock Jin-young  media@changwon.ac.kr

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