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Sense of responsibility rather than natural ability

These days I feel that it is very important for everyone to behave responsibly. Especially, it is important to act responsibly as well as to challenge various tasks. sometimes, I don't hold a person responsible. I want to be a man who act responsibly.

First, People who have a strong sense of responsibility can take up a positive attitude and deal with some al matters properly. So they can be gain somebody's trust. We have to b a man who can say that "Yes, I will do that". He remained totally unruffled even in the difficult situation. When we face rough going, most of us want to avoid the situation. We must not avoid this, and we have to do not mind doing that. People having a strong sense of responsibility rather than people who has bright and having natural ability is more precious.

Second, we have to be a man who is good by nature and be passionate. Being good by natrue means working for the public interests rather than personal gain. We have to rid self-centeredness. an old saying has it that "Give the 60percent of yours and get the 40percent of others." If you try to get all of them, 100 percent, you wil never get anything.

Sense of Responsibility can be a inborn character, but you can form your own personal character in the course of your lifetime. Always try to act responsibly. the character can be fostered with the effort sufficiently. From you are young to adults, if you try to act responsibly, you make it a rule to act responsibly. The habit which you note always help your life and your way of thinking to be more systematic. A man who can systematically manage of his own acts responsibly at the other organization.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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