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Being Consistently TrustworthyEditor-in-Chief

Consistency means steady effort and a sincere attitude. It gets us over any difficulty. An obvious feature of a mature personality is nothing less than consistency. Although you may have a distinguished talent, abundant resources and good circumstances, If there is a shortage of consistency, you cannot attain your wish. Consistency is acting the same way with ceaseless effort, sincerity, patience, and passion.

-on the "Professional life VS Amateur life"-

Recently, I realized the importance of consistency. Here are some my experiences. I like changes and new things. I would like to develop our newspaper. I spent considerable time in pursuit of change and development in our newspaper. So our team has gone through a lot of changes during recent years. I thought it was a good thing, because I have believed that our newspaper would become greater than before when we try to change. However, there are some problems.

This change has been tough on our reporters. And one day, my boss told me that I needed to be consistent in carrying out a policy and take responsibility for fulfilling the obligations I have assumed. The moment I was told that, I was aware that something was wrong, and I was conscious of my own folly. Also I learned that too much change is not good, and I had to shoulder the responsibility for the change, and for naming the changes I want to make. When I want to make something new or switch it I have to be careful and pay close attention. And if I decide to do something, I have to do it consistently.

Consistency means that the beginning and the end are same. It is ever the same. I like changes, but I want to be consistent in carrying them out and be a person who is trustworthy through and through.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@nate.com

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