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A Nano New Material Dept. of Engineering took Overseas Training in Japan

A Nano New Material Dept. of Engineering’s 15 students took overseas training in Japan. They participated in ‘A program of global educational ability enhancement business.
They learned in Kyushu Institute of Technology and they earned their credits from January 18th to February 17th.
They studied foreign languages and major class, a practice class at the Japanese spots, and inspect a factory regarding majors on a weekend.
They also had the opportunity to experience culture sight-seeing. Students that participated in this event took Japanese class CWNU supported for two months.
Kyushu Institute of Technology also assigned their professors who were supposed to give students consideration to the maximum so that there wasn't any inconvenience to live.
They acquired an admission permit. And they got a student identification card, so they were able to use school facilities freely as special auditor qualifications.
This program has been executed every year since 2005, and almost 85 students took advantage of this program

Thank you for your help!

Many people and companies help CWNU work hard to promote personnel training and Gyeongnam scientific encouragement.
Jeong Dong-Mun, a CEO of furniture company Changwon Fursys’, contributed to 10 million won for promotion of personnel training on January 11th.
A liquor company Muhak having the 80th anniversary this year donated 200 million for competent and talented person training
and the scientific encouragement which can contribute to Gyeongnam region development.
Korea Elder Support Foundation Brief Report Kim Seok-Jong also deposited 10 million and encouraged CWNU students.
And STX that has closely cooperated with CWNU in various industries and held CEO lectures on a regular basis not only contributes 100 million but supports a field visit of students.
CWNU will use this money directly to help students including scholarship, improvement of laboratory equipment and the campus environment.

CWNU held a bazaar for Unfortunate people

CWNU held a bazaar named ‘A bazaar for a green life and unfortunate people’ at the main conference room of a comprehensive educational center in CWNU.
The bazaar was from December 22nd to 23rd. The objective of the bazaar is to help Unfortunate people; so many people attend this bazaar.
College faculty and staff contributed their personal collections to this bazaar, and a variety of other stuffs were on the bazaar.
The total sales will be used for unfortunate people. CWNU have helped Unfortunate people every year, but A bazaar for a green life and unfortunate people’ is the first try.
A bazaar is just a necessary event that practices love for neighbors as well as saves environment.
The contribution was delivered to needy neighbors. A nd a bazaar to help needy neighbors will be developed and held annually.

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