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Dept. of Music hold The First CWNU Concert

CWNU Dept. of Music hold CWNU Concert from November 18th to November 25th in 3.15 Art Center Little hall in Masan, and CWNU Concert hall. A lot of celebrities attended the concert, including an Israelite famous pianist Aviram Reichert, who is a professor of SNU college of Music and a famous violinist Kim E-Jung who taught CWNU Dept. of Music students. Also they showed an excellent performance. CWNU Dept. of Music students were proud of their musical talent, too. A Dept. of Music head professor said that this concert’s aim is to provide more various music knowledge than now, and create a wide scope of local art cultures. This concert is one of the educational ability enhancement business, and from now on, it will be a lager event than this year.

by. Kim E-Seul

Bongrim Improvement in Employment Point Scholarship Application Guide in 2009

General Human Resource Development Center has been progressing Bongrim improvement in employment point system for improvement of career and employment skill of student. And the system is a part of the Education Ability Enforcement Project. According to the system, the best participant in job training program will take a scholarship by application only. Period of authorized programs is during the July. 1 - Dec. 31. The deadline for making application is Jan. 8. The written application should be submitted to General Human Resource Development Center.The scholarship is categorized by 4 ranks.

By Ryu Seung-Bong

The 2009 KIISE Symposium on Ubiquitous Computering and Web Techology

The 2009 KIISE Symposium on Ubiquitous Computering and Web Techology with CWNU Dept. of Computer Engineering is going to hold at A comprehensive educational Center in CWNU It’s on December 11st Friday on 12 :30. It’s an academic conference that professional are discussing about Ubiquitous and Web information technology. And Co-Gun professor in SNU is invited to An open lecture. He’ll teach about Public domain software and Information society at December 11st Friday on 4:00PM. KIISE was collected a paper to this Symposium since October 2009, and they judged papers to introduce good paper in this Symposium. This Symposium’s subject is Ubiquitous and Mobile technologies, Software Engineering, Enterprise Application , Communication and Network. Please call at 070-7010-8968, if you have any question about this Symposium.

by. Kim E-Seul

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