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Difficulties of University Life

Lee Yu-ri (Dept. of Taxation ’12) Freshman
I studied and did reports just by the teacher’s direction in high school but I make my own decisions on most things in university. It is so difficult because I am not accustomed to it yet. Clearly, freedom is good but not easy.

Choi Yong-gu (Dept. of Information and Communications Engineering ’11) Sophomore
Many students in the College of Engineering have tight timetables, so I don’t have as much free time as other students in other colleges. I also live in the dormitory, so sometimes I feel homesick.

Son Eun-yeong (Dept. of Taxation ’10 ) Junior
Next year, I will be in Senior class and graduate from the Dept. of Taxation. I will also prepare to find a job after graduation. That is the most stressful thing now for me. Because of this, I can’t enjoy everything to my heart’s content.

Kim Hyeon-gi (Dept. of Taxation ’12) Freshman
Most freshmen boys can’t start learning or think about outside activities because of uncertainty about entering the army.

Jo Geon-u, (Dept. of Electric Engineering ’11) Sophomore
My first semester as a sophomore, I felt like a freshman. I couldn’t adapt to sophomore life because of the changed university environment and difficult major subjects. I’m now president of a club in CWNU. Though the club has few members, it is so difficult and onerous for me.

Sim Ju-yeong (Dept. of Taxation ’10) Sophomore
Every sophomore has more major subjects than freshmen, so sophomores must spend a lot of time to get good grades. I also took a year off university, so I have few friends because my classmates are doing military service or have left school to get a certificate. Lastly, the Dept. of Taxation has many CPAs or CTAs. I am envious and get stressed when I see them.

Lee Jeong-min (Dept. of Taxation ’11) Sophomore
I feel a lot of pressure and I am intimidated by my major classes. I worry more and more about my future. Also, more trouble has occurred because I have met various people since high school.

Yun Eun-ji (Dept. of Taxation ’09) Senior
In university, people tend to find a job before graduation. But it is not easy to study hard and find a job at the same time.

Kim Hyeon-jin, Dept. of Philosophy ’11 Sophomore
I must spend more time to get good grades because of difficult major classes. And passing to the dormitory is more difficult now than as a freshman. Lastly I can’t look younger like a freshman, however I wear beautiful clothes.

Hong Song-bin, Dept. of International Relations ’11 Sophomore
Many reports and getting good grades give students a lot of stress. And we can’t just play without any worry. Finally, I agonize about a leave of absence because I can’t prepare to find work while being a university student.

P.S. Thanks to the brave and kind souls who talked about some of these difficulties without constraint.

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