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Unknown Days, Harmful Effects of Day Marketing
In modern society, many common days are named by many companies for boosting their sales. For instance, February 14th is Valentine’s Day, March 14th is White Day and November 11th is Pepero Day. Special named days have special meaning that not only gives meaning to friendships among people but also romance and special memories to couples. But the day’s original intended purpose is boosting companies’ sales in candy, chocolate, pepero and so on. Day marketing is just one of the marketing abilities in companies, not real special days. For this reason, many people get monetary and psychosomatic stress because of the presents for these special days.
Today, people don’t think that they must celebrate the special days with their love anymore. With this increasing trend, many couples spend their money and time for their special memory that they can’t do in a usual day such as trip, performance, or nice dinner. They think the real meaning of the special days is romance or pure love. Although the special days are made by companies for their private benefit, we can have real special days by the formal special days. But some people don’t think that and are just are cheated by formal special days.
And, we have many special days that were not made by private companies such as Agriculture Day, World Water Day. For example, all people immediately recall the Pepero Day about November 11th in Korea, but the day has other special meanings such as Agriculture Day and Physically challenged person’s Day. The reason for naming special days is we must respect and be thankful for something such as water, agriculture, physically challenged person, and so on. Sometimes, we must think of necessities and respect for all of our surroundings, at least in the special days.
As stated above, the special days have positive and negative aspects for people. Positive aspects are the special days give specificity and romance. On the other hand, negative aspects are the special days were made by companies for their private benefit and the commercial special days hide the valuable special days in people’s intuition. With very many special days, we must find the real special days and meaning of them.

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