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Do you know about the new library?Change Library, Basics for using the new library
  • Kim Dae-gon, Im Guk-jin
  • 승인 2012.09.17 20:37
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Study Room
Design of the new library was selected by CWNU in a new library design contest. The outside of the new library gives a feeling of being grand and huge. But there is a cozy and friendly atmosphere inside. The new library is composed of a common room and cultural and learning spaces as the concept is of a harmony of culture. The first floor rear space is expected to be used a rest area for students tired of studying. Overall, the new library is different from the old library. If the old library gave a feeling of being like a book repository, the new library seems to fit the meaning of the word “library”. It is a suitable space not only to borrow books from, but also to study and use reference materials. The new library is divided into two sections, reading section and reference section. The inside of the building is very unusual. This is because the 5th floor reading section is the same location as 4th floor reference section. Also, the new library is easy to move around in because there is an elevator and a passage that connects the two sections. There is a café, snack bar, seminar room, and exhibition room on the first floor of the new library. The new library has six reading rooms, eleven study rooms, and common rooms. Many cultural events are expected to open in the U-lounge which exhibits the specialized references. Thanks to these things, students have a nice study culture and have a space where they can enjoy. The new library has three and eight study rooms in reading and reference sections. This means students can use the study rooms in multiple places in the building. A College of Humanities student who used the study room said, “I am happy to study with my friends.” The new library seems to have increased the number of students using the study rooms. There are personal reading seats on the 3rd and 4th floors. So, students have a space to concentrate a little more on reading. Also, the new library has more lockers, common rooms, computers than before. So, students can use those things conveniently. A common room for women is located in the 3rd floor reading section. Thanks to this, female students have freedom to open their hearts. The new library, which opened on September 4th , is implementing a special lending system for Changwon citizens. Therefore, CWNU students as well as citizens can enjoy the new library easily and conveniently.

The completed new library was fully opened to CWNU students and Changwon citizens with the start of the new semester. The new library generally consists of two parts. One is reading rooms where you can study independently, and the other is reference rooms where you can find and read books. And other facilities such as a small mart, café and common room are increased to devise ways to make life more convenient for the patrons. So let’s figure out how to use the new library.

Reading rooms
In the reading rooms, patrons can study anything they want. At the old library, these rooms were located on the third and fourth floors. In the new library, reading rooms are located on all floors and have more seats than the old reading rooms. Reading rooms are study facilities that anyone can use freely, so no one needs to disturb others’ learning. When you want to study there, just sit down anywhere you want. Don’t forget that! Reading rooms are a public facility.

Study rooms
The number of study rooms is increased from one to eleven. Increasing study rooms is good news to students who worry about the absence of suitable study space. They formed study groups but they couldn’t meet, or had to meet in an unsuitable place. Study rooms in the new library are three kinds, designed for six, eight and ten people. When you want to use it, just apply on- or off-line in advance at the new library. If nobody is using a room, you can use it immediately. Don’t forget that when we use the university’s facilities, we must have a sense of responsibility.

Borrowing books
Reference rooms at the old library were hidden, so some people couldn’t find them. But the new library is divided into two parts with a reading section and a reference section, so all patrons can find what they want. The reference section located on the right side of the new library consists of periodical publications on the second floor, reference room number one on the third floor and reference room number two on the fourth floor. When you want to borrow books, just use the borrowing machine or go to the borrow/return counter with your student ID. And remember, the books are our library’s most precious assets.

You can obtain more detailed information on the new library’s web site (http://lib.changwon.ac.kr/) or at the information center on the right side of the first floor of the library.

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