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General Students’ Association reports to Student Representatives

On March 17th, there was a regular meeting of student representatives on the first floor hall of Sarim Student Hall. This meeting was an opportunity to listen to student representatives. On this day the meeting was run by attending student representatives totalling 218 people. The meeting had validity because 218 is over the majority attendance required.

The regular meeting was convened for introductions, the approval of the executives of the general students’ association, and to report the items of the meeting. First came the introduction of the executives of the general students’ association who will manage the association in 2010. The general female students’ association introduced its executives.
Finally, the special committee members were also introduced. After the introductions, they respectfully asked the student representatives for approval. The representatives approved them without hesitation.

Next came the report on the items of the meeting. The items were an activity during vacation, a fund-raising campaign for Haiti, and the recruiting of members for CWNU365. The report of activity during vacation concerned a search for a good book at the library, a cultural activity for freshmen.

The fund-raising for Haiti concerned activities that have been ongoing since February 19th. At present there is a collection box at a specific location, with various people continuously running it. The recruitment for CWNU365, which will be a volunteer organization of the general students’ association, involved a notice to be distributed among students.
Finally, there was an electioneering tour of candidates for the employment welfare committee.

Ryu Seung-Bong  nawow100@changwon.ac.kr

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