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CWNU Celebrate the 41st Anniversary of its Founding
On March 19th, a ceremony was held to recognize the 41st anniversary of the founding of CWNU. The true anniversary is March 21st, but March 21st was a Sunday, so the general affairs section moved the ceremony up to the 19th. The ceremony was held in two parts. The first was in Education Hall, and the second was at an outside restaurant.

The main ceremony of part one included a presentation of an award certificate for long-serving professors and school personnel. Thirty-six people received these awards, which were presented for thirty, twenty, and ten years of service.

The people who attended the ceremony heartily congratulated all of the recipients, and acquaintances gave flowers and presents to the award-winners. After the presentation of the award certificate, a plaque of thanks was presented to two people. About 200 people from among the general students’ association, professors, working personnel, and students attended the ceremony.

After the presentation, Park Sung-Ho, President of CWNU, said, “This year, the 41st anniversary of the founding of CWNU, Changwon, Masan and Jinhae will unify into a megacity that will be the seventh biggest city in the nation. The local society will develop as a result of the world-wide attention we will receive from this new megacity status. The ceremony concluded with a speech, a singing of the school song, and a closing ceremony.

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