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A Nation that Forgets its Past Has No Future
CWNU students are having demonstration

These days, people are hotly debating the issue about history textbooks. The government announced that students have to use history textbooks issued by the state. Currently, history textbooks are published by eight different publishing companies which are then approved by the state. This way of publishing history textbooks has some virtues, but also faults. Many students in CWNU are also raising their voices in opposition to the state.

Representatively, there are many hand-written posters that voice the stance of concern. Some students put up the posters to expose their opinion. Not only that, on October 22nd, at the front gate of CWNU, there was a rally demonstration. Students who oppose the textbook issued by the state gathered there and they protested in turns. This demonstration wasn’t held only by CWNU students, as many universities’ historical clubs united, and they had a demonstration at the same time, on the same day.

CWNU’s historical club is ‘One nation Min-deul-rae’. It was launched at the start of this year, with about 10 students who have historical consciousness. They handle historical problems, like problem of nation and unity. Min-deul-rae is also planning a press interview united with other historical clubs. The demonstration of history textbooks wasn’t their only prest, they also did some activities about military sexual slavery. They sold some bracelets, appealed for funding, and held a concert for military sexual slavery awareness. They are planning other future activities. This winter, they will teach high school students about this problem and will demonstrate together. Also, they will help orphanages. They are planning to visit them around Christmas, and have a fun time. The president of Min-deul-rae said, “I don’t think people who aren’t interested in history are bad. Because it’s the fault of other people that made them like that. Just recognize and see our activities.”

As we can see through these activities, CWNU students are raising their voices about history textbooks. With this momentum, I hope CWNU students keep voicing their opinion about historical issues, or other political and social issues.

By Oh yu-ju, reporter

Oh Yu-ju  -

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