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Cheating: A Big Issue We Shouldn't Ignore
  • Choi Hyeon-kyeong
  • 승인 2015.11.09 15:28
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Some disturbance was created in CWNU after this midterm examination regarding cheating. During an exam, some students cheated on the test and were caught by other students. News about it spread throughout the school via Facebook. Actually, cheating on the exam has been a problem in every school and test site. People have tried to prevent it, but they can’t prevent it completely. We conducted this survey of 198 CWNU students to know how they think about cheating.

First question: ‘Have you ever cheated on a test?’ We limited the question to only after entering university. 42 students (21%) answered ‘Yes, I have’ and 156 students (79%) answered ‘No, I haven’t.’ We asked the reason for cheating to the 42 students. 15 students said ‘because others were cheating on the exam’ and 12 students (27%) said ‘because I wanted to do well on the exam.’ 9 students (20%) said ‘because I didn’t study.’ The others replied ‘because I can get a better test score by cheating rather than studying’.

Second question: ‘Have you ever witnessed someone cheating?’ The majority of students have witnessed cheating. 114 students (58%) answered ‘Yes, I have’ and 84 students (42%) answered ‘No, I haven’t’. It means that cheating in the school is very frequent. We asked them about their action when they saw a person who cheated on the test. Unexpectedly, 42 students (68%) said ‘didn’t say anything about the cheater and just ignored it‘ and only 27 students (28%) said ‘talk to the professor or assistant instructor.’ The rest said they told the cheater to stop cheating.

Third question: ‘When did you feel that you wanted to cheat?’ All students hope that they get higher grades though they passed an entrance examination. 102 students (51%) replied that they want to cheat ‘when they get a lower score than friends who did cheat’ and 54 students (27%) replied that they want to cheat ‘when they studied too little’. 27 students (14%) said ‘when a grade after studying is lower than a grade after cheating’ and only 15 students (8%) said they haven’t felt a desire to cheat. It seems that students are tempted to cheat when they want to get higher scores but they studied too little.

Fourth question: ‘What kind of action should be taken when someone is caught cheating?’ 156 students (79%) suggest giving them an F and 36 students (18%) suggest retaking the test. 6 students (3%) suggest giving them one lower grade. Overwhelmingly, many students thought it necessary to take a strong action.

Even though 42 students answered they have cheated on the test, 114 students answered they have witnessed cheating in this survey. Also, many students said they let the person be who did cheat on the exam. Why didn’t they talk to the professor and seek punishment? One student who replied ‘let them leave’ said “I don’t know if they will be punished by the professor or not. Even if I report them, they may be excused and it won’t be resolved anyway.”

Not only the students who did cheat, but the students who ignored it are guilty. Eventually, we need help from the school and CWNU students to resolve it.

By Choi Hyeon-kyeong, reporter

Choi Hyeon-kyeong  -

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