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CWNU, leading local volunteer work
beautiful murals being painted at Daepyung Village

CWNU students, including the General Student Association participated in Gyeongsangnam-do Volunteer Center’s project for Volunteer Village from July 31st to August 6th in Daepyung Village, Beopsu-myeon, Haman-gun. Despite the scorching weather, it was quite a big event since a total of 700 people joined for 6 days. Many volunteers from National Credit Union Federation of Korea, Haman-gun Voluntary Team and the village people took part in this meaningful business.

This Mural Painting Project was started with the intention of creating a healthy volunteer culture, in order to solve the community’s problem by involving volunteers. Also, it can unite city volunteers and rural residents through a collaborative process and enables them to exchange information.

The theme of the mural is ‘Swallows come back from Gang-nam’, and it is expected to not only add beauty to the village but also attract more tourists.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time CWNU students have created a mural in a local village. They volunteered in Jirisan Dulle-gil Village to paint a mural last November. Already, CWNU students have made a large contribution to make murals in communities.

Ma Geon-young (Dept. of Computer Engineering) said, “I always have done ordinary volunteer service. But this time, I’m so proud of making a mural that helps village people directly. I hope I’ll come back and recall my memories.”

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