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The “Professor Park issue” is with us again

Do you remember an article “Sexual Molestation Happened in CWNU”, a front-page article last March? The CWNU Journal reported the affair in full last March. In short, Professor Park of Childhood Education was accused of sexual molestation, receiving bribes and misappropriation of public money last March. And finally, he was dismissed from his post.

Recently, the affair is becoming an issue again in CWNU. On October 8th, there was news about Professor Park from the Department of Childhood Education on the Facebook page “ChangDaeJeon”. According to the content, Professor Park had been raising an objection in court. On October 1st , the court ordered a postponement of dismissal until final ruling. Therefore, there is a possibility of reinstatement.

Department of Childhood Education opposed his reinstatement strongly. So they have conducted a campaign to collect signatures for a petition. The president of Childhood Education said, “All students in our department are ready to fight against Professor Park’s reinstatement. We called on the headquarters of CWNU to reveal the truth.” Institution of woman professor in CWNU also advocates the opposite position. Compared to last March, many students have been informed about the issue through SNS and notice board. Not only Dept of Childhood Education but also all CWNU students expect CWNU to act responsibly about it.

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