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Lump of gold: Textbook?

When the new semester starts, students are busy with buying their textbooks. Most of them are thick, heavy, and expensive. Therefore, it increases students’ financial burdens. Unfortunately, students spend about half of living expenses on buying textbooks. We conducted a survey of 231 students to know several things about buying textbooks.

The first question was, “How much do you spend on textbooks?” 102 students (45%) answered ‘less than 100 thousand won’. 60 students (26%) ‘100 thousand won~150 thousand won’. 51 students (22%) said ’150 thousand won~200 thousand won’. 15 students (7%) said ‘over 200 thousand won’. It seems that students who spend over 200 thousand won are majoring in engineering or natural science.

The second question was, “Where did you buy your textbooks?” Majority of students (174/75%) buy their textbooks at the campus bookstore. 27 students (12%) print and bind their books. 21 students (9%) receive from their seniors.

The third question was, “What is the greatest inconvenience when you use textbooks?” 234 students (74%) said ‘they’re expensive’. 39 students (12%) said ‘they rarely use it’. Most professors let students buy textbooks but these include so much information. Therefore, professors summarize that and use power point instead of textbooks. That’s why students hesitate to buy textbooks. However, if you want to be an expert in your field, how about having enthusiasm to learn and refer to your textbooks to get more information? 36 students (11%) answered ‘too bulky to carry’.

The last question was, “Why did you bind your textbooks?” 147 students (65%) answered ‘because the books are expensive’. Price must be a very important factor to buy textbooks. It is fine to bind part of textbooks for reference but binding the whole book is illegal. When you are accused of copyright violation, you could go to jail for up to five years or be fined up to 50 million won. If you own the copyright, you expect to receive the full price of textbooks.

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