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Requirements to Graduate University

A few years back, most universities and colleges started a graduation certification system which became mandatory to graduate. So whether you like it or not, to graduate university duly, one must meet the graduation certification the department requires. Then, what's the reason for the graduation certification? Does it have any proper purposes?

First of all, the reason for the certification system is that by making the students learn and earn certain types of ability such as English and specialized certificates, it will automatically allow them to be qualified in response to the globalization trend which will lead to expansion of employment opportunities. It is to help students have a better competitiveness when applying for a company.

Secondly, companies adjure optimum competent people. So by strengthening students’ capacities it will cultivate professional personnel needed by the community.

The graduation certification is divided into a mandatory certification system and optional certification. The mandatory certification system could be earned by a foreign language certification and the optional certification is consisted of practical certification, personality certification and reading certification. To meet the needs the department requires, two of the above should be achieved at any cost. For the mandatory certification there is a foreign Language certification. To cite some examples, TOEIC score must be higher than 500 and the speaking level must be higher than LV4. In other words, a certain public certification test score has to be attained to obtain the mandatory certification.

The optional certification could be obtained if two of the three are satisfied. Practical certification is acquired if more than one major related license is obtained. Personality certification is acquired by volunteer work and reading certification is acquired by finishing the 'famous book' course provided from the school.

This graduation certification system is applied from 2011 entrants. However, foreign students, night school students, department of arts and sports students are aren’t applied in this system.

I recommend for you to prepare faithfully for the graduation certification in advance because it needs some time to achieve.

Jeong Seung-in  samcandothat@naver.com

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