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Where is the school supporting association accounting going?

A legislative bill on the financial management of national universities (National University Financial Accounting Law) was approved at the Assembly Plenary Session on March 3rd. This law consists of the installment of a university accounting system, the guaranteed participation of school community members, the obligatory openness of budget and closing account and the employment security of a school supporting association staff, etc. Above all, its main objective is that school supporting association fees(S.S.F.) of national universities nominally are abolished and are legally included in registration fees.

Formerly, the S.S.F. was collected to pay for school facilities maintenance costs and operating expenses aside from admission fees and tuition. In its beginning, the S.S.F. was derived from ‘A school supporting association rule for universities, middle, and high schools’ enacted in 1963. In the early 2000s, private universities abolished these fees. However, national universities have been collecting the fees until recently. It was estimated that 84.6% of total tuition in national universities depended on S.S.F. in 2010. Due to the passing of this law, it is expected to expand the national support on national universities and strengthen national universities’ transparency, fairness and responsibility.

Regarding this estimate, an employee of the CWNU financial department said, “Because the National University Financial Accounting Law is enacted, the existing school supporting association fee is scheduled to be included in tuition. However, that doesn’t mean registration fees will be increased or decreased. It’s only legislation for financial management in national universities. Also, he added that the planning of the school budget system, “According to the decision of this law, the finance committee in the school system was made. It defines that two members of professors, staff and students respectively are included in the conference. By doing so, I hope that various school community members’ opinions are reflected in the budget planning process.”

Also Lee Chae-won (Dept. of Industrial Design) said, “In spite of the fact that many students asked for repayment of school supporting association fees, it was legalized. It is so absurd. I don’t know who this policy is for. I’m worried that universities leave the responsibility for their financial problems to students.”

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