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Employment and Finance Military Academy

A military academy is a place where soldiers are trained to become officers. Nowadays it means a school to cultivate people of talent in a specific field. Businesses want people of talent who can start working as soon as they enter a company and are competent technically. To make this possible, CWNU has two programs, ‘Successful Employment Military Academy (SEMA)’ and ‘Finance Military Academy (FMA)’.

SEMA aims to improve the employment rate by offering prospective graduates effective education and job counseling and increasing job-seeking skills as well as employment capability by teaching relevant skills. This program consists of 16 hours and includes educational training and one-to-one job counseling. The educational training includes analysis of 2014 job trends, interview strategy and planning, 1 min speech demonstration, PT interview education and a mock job interview. After the educational training, one-to-one job counseling starts. Professional job consultants give advice to students. In addition to education and counseling, SEMA offers a follow-up service. The follow-up service categorizes applicants as people with little job skills, people without career goals, and unqualified people and comes up with effective solutions for them. Also, SEMA recommends a proper business to applicants and lets them exchange information each other through Kakao Talk. Choi Tae-Sung, a participant in SEMA, said “I thank CWNU for making this good program. I am motivated by getting to know the latest job trends. Thanks to this program, I can agonize over my career. Other prospective graduates will be able to obtain lots of information if they apply.”

FMA is the program to help students who want to work in the financial sector. It has been sponsored by Gyeongnam bank and the LINC group. Only 3rd and 4th year students can apply for it and their GPA should be more than 3.0. The FMA arranges a meeting with seniors working for Gyeongnam bank and conducts a special education program with the goal of working in the financial sector, and supports various examination and certificate fees. Also, FMA has a place for participants in the 3rd floor of Sarim student hall. Students can use computers and a printer for free and are offered desks similar to ones in the library. Students write down their test schedules in a big calendar to get certified at the beginning of each month. A manager helps students make plans for the month and creates a competitive environment. Participants sometimes could be competitors or colleagues because they have the same goals. Lee Chang-yong, a participant in FMA, said “I did a double major in International Relations and Business Administration because I wanted to work in the finance sector. However, I didn’t know what to prepare. So I applied for FMA and I could turn a vague job plan into a definite one. I gained lots of confidence and was encouraged because a bank employee who is working in Gyeongnam bank became a mentor to help us. FMA recruits applicants every March. If you want more information about military academy, visit CWNU waggle homepage.

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