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What do you Know about The Campus Journal?

The 200th issue of The Campus Journal has been published, so we conducted a survey of 464 students about the university newspaper.

First, we asked if students had ever read The Campus Journal. 252 students answered, “Yes” and 212 students said, “No.” We were pleased that there were more students who had read The Campus Journal than there were those who had never read it.

The following question asked students who had never read The Campus Journal to explain why. As expected, 72 of 212 students said they didn’t read The Campus Journal because it was written in English. 59 students said they didn’t have any interest in CWNU. Students’ interest and participation can lead to the development of CWNU, and the development of CWNU can bring about positive effects. Therefore, we want you to have more interest in CWNU.

57 students didn’t know that there was an English Newspaper at CWNU. It seems that we need to promote The Campus Journal. The Campus Journal is issued every two weeks. It is put out at the main gate and various building entrances, including each college building, the Bongrim Student Hall, the Sarim Student Hall, and the central library. You can also read The Campus Journal on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CampusJournal).

23 students said they believe it is the same as The CWNU Newspaper that is written in Korean. We deal with different articles than that of The CWNU Newspaper. The Campus Journal is combined with The CWNU Newspaper so you can read both in one copy.

The third question asked which article students think is the most interesting and beneficial? Students liked the interviews the most, followed by activities, campus news, essays, surveys, opinions and articles “to the readers.”

Lastly, we asked students to suggest topics that they want added. Many students want to add entertaining subjects, such as English quizzes, a humor section, and English conversations. Moreover, they want employment information and English interview tips for entering foreign-affiliated firms. We will take into consideration these opinions in future editions.

We try hard to write novel and various articles so that it might lead to the development of The Campus Journal. We hope to have your support.

Cho Yu-na  yuna3232@naver.com

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